About Me

Mark Scapino at World of Beer, February 2016

My name is Mark Scapino.  I had always wanted to be a musician since I was a very young kid.  However, I lacked the skill to perform, and was very much a thorn in the side of every music teacher I ever had.  I was generally told to mouth the words or stay home during recitals due to my off-pitch voice and trouble controlling it.

At the age of 12, I literally stumbled on a guitar in my basement.  It was rusted, broken, and sounded horrible.  But after taping up my fingers with scotch tape for protection, and spending a few hours per day practicing, I was able to finally play the song F.O.D. by Green Day.  I grew up with a lot of social issues, but always felt much more comfortable while performing.

Within a few months, I had started writing some of my own music, but it wasn’t very good.  Most of these songs sounded like badly written children’s songs from the 19th century.  By the end of my junior year of high school in 1997, I was listening to a lot of Seattle grunge.  This inspired me to finally write a song that I could eventually perform in front of an audience.  For my junior year talent show that year, I had finished the song Trepidation and performed it in front of a few hundred people.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was a major attention grabber!  I caught the bug, so to speak.  And to all my music teachers who tried to keep me down as a kid, they obviously failed.

Later that year, I found myself finally in a band of my own, performing in a five-piece alternative rock band dubbed The Late Shift.  Our claim to fame was that we played backyard cookouts and parties.  I had written my second song, titled Late Night Arrival which we treated as our first single, even having it recorded professionally.  Although it wasn’t my songs that were making the band popular among our friends, I continued writing.  We had a lot of fun, but as with many bands, egos pushed us apart from each other.  It was during this experience that I decided to start focusing on my own music, and record it how I wanted to

In 2002, while I was attending college, I pieced together several of my original songs, including Late Night Arrival, Trepidation (now renamed Comedy Factory), and several other of my songs from this era and recorded an album of my own.  As a joke, I had called myself The Mizarks, using it as my pen name, but later turning it into the name of my first original album.

Ever since these days, I have loved just recording music and selling it to those who simply like my off-kilter brand of acoustic-alternative rock.  I don’t play much these days, but I will always find time to record new albums and write music I believe others will love.