About Me

My name is Mark Scapino, well, that’s what I like to go by on the internet.  I am a musician, author, and professional broadcasting technician.

I began writing music in 1995.  After about a dozen highly failed attempts at writing, he finished his first song Trepidation, and performed it in front of 500 people at my high school talent show to a rousing ovation.  I have since recorded hundreds of songs, and have played in several bands including Lateshift, Inertia, and Stark Madness.

Also in 1995, I started writing short stories and plays.  In 1999, at the age of 17, my one-act play Bread, Milk, and Toilet Paper was performed live on stage by the Arena Players.  Since then, I have had four full-length plays produced, as well as written short stories and completed my first novella The Senior Week 500 in 2011.

I also maintain a Youtube channel which features a great deal of my work including music, short films, and top lists.

This blog is a combination of my thoughts, short stories, and ideas that don’t fit anywhere else.