the-nature-of-the-world-2016-version-4 THE NATURE OF THE WORLD (2016)
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The Nature of the World is the fourth full-length release by M.W. Stevens, and his first with all new music in five years.

This album is a continuation of 2011’s Multiplex, focusing heavily on an acoustic-alternative rock sound. A big fan of the series MTV Unplugged, Stevens draws inspiration from the series into his music.

Lyrically, this is one of Stevens’ strongest albums, with songs about nostalgia, life’s successes, life’s failures, mental exhaustion, and the title song, which is about dealing with tragic world events.



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“Live at the Harp” is a compilation of live tracks recorded at The Harp open mic night between 2012-2013.  Many of the discs to this concert were in storage until late 2016.  A total of 8 hours of covers and original music was condensed into the original recordings available here.

Special thanks to Ernie Fowler for producing these songs as part of his open mic recording collection.


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M.W. Stevens returns for a solo effort with a new round of songs, for this 2011 effort, “Multiplex.”

This album is heavily inspired by the MTV Unplugged series, featuring 90’s alternative rock artists stripping most of their instruments down to a raw feel.



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“No Trespassing” is the second album by M.W. Stevens, recorded in the same style as his last album, “The Mizarks.” This album was recorded in the Summer of 2008, after Stevens and his band Stark Madness had completed a small tour.

This album is also a hard rock album, featuring a more modern, electric sound.




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“The Mizarks” is the first full-length album from M.W. Stevens. Featuring mostly songs from his 2003 acoustic demos, this album is the first to contain a full band arrangement. Recorded off-and-on over the course of one year, this album was originally meant to be a one time release.

This album contains a wide variety of songs, including some hard rockers and some soft ballads.