The More Things Change CoverTHE MORE THINGS CHANGE (2014)
Short Story

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After almost 20 years, Mike Hall bumps into his high school girlfriend Julie at the mall while shopping for Halloween costumes. After spending an innocent evening together, they realize there is still the remnants of a flame there, and they only have one night to re-light it before she leaves for good.

Except, Mike is engaged and faces the ultimate romantic struggle.


House on the Hill Cover Smashwords copyTHE GHOST HOUSE OF MAIN STREET (2012)
Short Story

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The widow of the owner of Jameson Mansion lost her mind and committed suicide, vowing to come back in 100 years to deliver good news from the afterlife. On the exact day of her return, a young group of thrill seekers locked themselves down in the mansion to experience her return. But will this tale of paranormal suspense end the way you would expect? Probably not.


Senior Week 500THE SENIOR WEEK 500 (2011)
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Brandon Adams is a recent high school graduate. He starts his summer with several hotel rooms rented at the beach, and no one to share them with. So with his best friends Pete and Toby, the three boys decide to have a no-holds-barred car race from the big city of Sundrift to the popular resort town of Stony Beach. The winner gets a free hotel room and the losers, well, they just get to be there!  Along for the ride are the two gorgeous and distracting girls Annie and Christy, the hateful dirty rat Craig, the prom king and queen Neal and Ashley, and the awkward outsider everyone calls “Matthew Misery.”  The field of competitors may seem diverse, but do they have what it takes to get down the ocean in one piece?

Contains some strong language.